About Us

Hope Power & Industrial Inc. is a nationwide provider of craft and professional field services.

Our goal is to continuously provide quality craft that meet the growing demands of contractors, industrial plants, major OEM, and power generation markets.





How We Started

We know the construction, power and industrial business sectors thanks to working in those industry for several decades. From small repairs to large projects we know what manpower it takes to make you and your projects successful.

From the beginning, the founders of Hope Power & Industrial Inc. realized the industry demand for a quality manpower provider to Construction – Power – Industrial customers. Our company is operated by a team of industry professionals with experience and firsthand knowledge in the markets we serve. That is exactly how HP&I was built. Our team members have many years of work and management experience in Construction, Power and Industrial fields.


The success of our efforts is attributable to the entire Hope Power & Industrial team.

Our strong leadership and support team continues to lead our mission to provide customers unchallenged service and desirable jobs to employees. Our strategic and trusted partnership of company leaders have all experienced the dire shortage of skilled labor to meet the growing demands required for projects, plant outage, shutdowns, and maintenance support for ongoing plant operations.

Tracy Rhodes


Leon Motts

President & COO

Tate Motts

Vice President

Our Sourcing Capabilities

Our service reputation depends on providing qualified craft to supplement the workforce shortage in the Power & Industrial sectors. 

The sourcing capabilities we have developed allows us to recruit and place qualified personnel on any site anywhere across the US.


Our pool of traveling craft personnel are dedicated, experienced, and highly qualified to supplement a customer’s workforce or we can provide self-performing crews of quality craft personnel.


Our management instills into all recruiters and managers that our reputation is built on being able to present our customers with a vetted trade craft person who can perform the duties of the assignment and more.


Few other craft providers have the diversity and combined industrial and power market experience to be able to effectively resource and place quality workforce personnel on customer sites.

Recognized by INC 5000 Magazine

From our humble beginnings we celebrated accolades in just 5 short years to be recognized by INC 5000 Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America. ​

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Tracy Rhodes

Chief Executive Officer

Tracy serves as Chief Executive Officer at Hope Power & Industrial and is co-founder and principal shareholder. Tracy brings 25 plus years of mixed heavy industrial and specialty contracting experience and oversees the executive management team.

Tracy debut to the construction industry began as a teenager when he spent his summers working in a specialty fabrication and contracting business. He continued his hands-on experience in construction industry during his college years learning the inner workings of integrated steel fabrication, piping and machinery installation. Tracy transitioned into Project Management effectively beginning his long tenure in construction management and ownership in industrial contracting.

Today Tracy also serves as the President and COO of a large industrial contracting firm. With his hands-on field experience coupled with years of executive management he has gained the ability to expand his business holdings into specialty contracting, fabrication, process installations and plant relocations across the United States.

Leon T. Motts, PMP

President & Chief Operating Officer

Leon oversees and manages the nationwide marketing and operations of Hope Power & Industrial Inc and is co-founder and a principal shareholder. He has a long and successful career in management and performance in heavy industrial and power generation sectors.

As a graduate of the University of South Carolina in business, his passion and eagerness for knowledge has led his desire for business diversification. After a college summer job as a craft apprentice with a local mechanical contracting firm, he knew the construction service industry was his calling.

Before founding Hope Power & Industrial Inc. He moved through executive ranks of national industrial and power generation service industry.

His career has spanned some 40 plus years experiencing a multitude of assignments across the nation. His career goals carried him throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions gaining experience in management positions with high-profile contracting companies. He eventually accepted a position with a major construction firm leading him and family to move to Greenville, SC. He quickly realized this was a perfect location to settle and raise their family.

A special tribute to one of our company name sakes goes to daughter Jessica Hope. A true-life warrior, her faith in our Lord exemplifies Hope as the part of our faith that focuses on the future.

Tate Motts

Vice President Service Operations

Tate is a key motivator at Hope Power & Industrial Inc. and co-founder and principal shareholder. His focus is on streamlining the operational technology and safety to better serve our employees and customers.

After graduating from the University of South Carolina he began his career in construction and contracting business as an entry level field craft apprentice advancing to procurement, estimating, IT and project management. With his first-hand knowledge and experience in industrial and power sector business, he has a true prospective on what industrial clients face daily in terms of manpower expectations and how best to deliver solutions.

With past positions held at several industry leaders his background and experience has proven invaluable to effectively expand our operational footprint from local and regional coverage to national.